“Hey Bob, could you also…”

A damaged chimney removed and replacedSometimes it starts with a repair, or a new window or door installation, but a lot of my clients come back with a room conversions or room additions, or other large projects. I started out with the removal of an old, unstable chimney at the house on the corner of H and Carson in Eureka. I installed a new Metalbestos pipe and cap in place of the brick chimney and repaired the roof around it.

Later, they asked me to replace ruined floorboards in the upstairs hallway. While I was at it, I took advantage of having the floor torn up to set up the venting for the gas stove they were planning to purchase for the kitchen below. Killed two birds with one stone, and they were thrilled with the outcome.

Since then I’ve repaired and restored the stairway, replaced windows, and upgraded the old knob-and-tube electrical.